The Top 7 Best Truck Tent 2019

If you are an outdoor adventure junky, then you know how camping can be so fun. However, you also probably know that debris and bugs that come with camping can make the experience less pleasant and fun.

Well, there’s a perfect tool for you. 

The best truck tents allow you to enjoy your outdoor camping adventures without having to lie down on the cold ground like a bear.

All jokes aside, for just a small outlay, a good truck tent can help turn your normal pick-up into something more comfortable to sleep on.

And since it is a relatively new innovation, there are only a few companies selling such products. Here are our top picks for the best truck tents out there!

The Top 7 Best Truck Tents 2019

  1. SportZ Truck Tent

If you live in warm climates or going on a camping trip on hot places then we strongly suggest that you take a look at this truck tent offering from Sportz. The tent is designed with a level of ventilation that makes it perfect to keep you cool inside during a summer sleep out.

You get dual Mesh windows on each side and comes with built-in air vents. In addition, you also get a large door as well as a rear window which opens up into your truck cabin giving you a lot of airflows to stay cool.

Color coordinated sockets and poles make installation super easy and straightforward, while the design also includes a built-in floor. And just look at that cool canopy on its rear— this is not your typical pitch and sleep kind of truck tent, this is a base camp kind of design which you can enjoy using all through the day!



  1. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Boosting a low, affordable price tag, this full-size truck tent from Guide Gear does have an aura of the budget truck tent model about it. It is quite simple with a basic design that lacks in the usual bells and whistles which you would find on premium, higher priced models.

With that said, it boasts a polyester construction, plus waterproof protection, and also includes a floor for extra protection from the elements and whatever may accumulate at the bottom of the truck bed.

Its design has a simple D shape of overlapping tent poles that will probably not provide enough strength for extreme weather conditions, particularly snow, however, are more than capable to stand up with normal conditions and is probably best used during the spring and summer.

Weighing at about 11 pounds, this truck tent is probably not the lightest on our list, but it is not the heaviest one either. And although it does not come with any installation manual, its simple design should make installation fairly easy and straightforward.



  1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  2. From the Sportz company comes the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent. This one offers a traditional ground tent look featuring polyester material and fiberglass poles. It is a 2-person tent that sits at a medium ranged price and is effortless to set up.

The Backroadz is also compact enough that you can store it permanently inside your truck under a sear for a spurt of the moment camping. Featuring a sewn-in floor, this tent will keep you completely enclosed so you do not have to worry about cleaning your sleeping bags and blankets every now and then.

Furthermore, the truck tent also offers 4 windows for increased ventilation and viewing but it also zips up in order to keep you dry when the sky took a darker turn. And it also includes a rainfly that attaches easily over the top for complete rain protection.

What’s great is that the company partnered with Trees for the Future. Meaning, every Backroadz truck tent purchased will pay for a tree to be planted, so you get to experience the great outdoor comfortable while also helping Mother Nature to heal.



  1. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

The little brother of the previous Guide Gear Truck Tent, this compact version can fit smaller trucks such as Dakota’s and S-10’s. This compact model features under 5 inches of headroom that can fit a twin size air mattress and is quite easy to assemble for one person.

The truck tent also comes with a built-in floor which adds weatherproofing and overall durability of the tent. In addition, it comes with 1500 mm coat of weatherproofing material on the polyester truck tent.

It also comes with mesh windows for ventilation while the included rainfly offers protection against rain and heavy wind. Like its larger sibling, this one also comes with poles that are deployed in D-shape which offers a reasonable amount of space inside.



  1. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Offering an interesting design, this truck tent from Rightline brings quite a few useful features to your table, most of which are specifically designed to allow for an easy and quick installation. After all, a camping trip requires you to take down and put up the tent several times, so you want every time to be as quick and easy as possible.

Its biggest feature that is quite different from the previous truck tents is that fact that Rightline omitted the floor. This not only makes the installation a lot faster, but it also lowers the truck tent’s overall weight with less than 9 pounds, including the fiberglass poles.

The poles are also color coordinated with the sockets they slip into which makes installation incredibly straightforward and easy. The strapping also adds a layer of sturdiness and the straps themselves are finished in soft polypropylene in order to protect your truck’s paintwork.

It also features a sky view vent which allows enough circulation as well as a mesmerizing view to fall asleep to. Meanwhile, the included Rainfly can be easily attached over the truck tent in case you don’t see any stars.



  1. Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

Particularly durable and strong, this truck tent from Kodiak Canvas is ideal to use in just about any weather with the exception of a heavy snowfall. And who even wants to camp outside with a heavy, sold snowfall?

Its durability is thanks to the excellent material they like to call Hydra-Shield, which is 100 percent pure cotton canvas material. The thick canvas construction is watertight and durable enough to stand up to extreme conditions such as heavy rain and wind.

The truck tent is also breathable, offering no less than 5 windows for plenty of ventilation, so it can be used during the summer season too. Its steel poles are quite heavy but sturdy, adding to its overall tough construction. Meanwhile, the well-placed straps offer a final level of security and sturdiness.



Truck Tent Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s a truck tent?

A: In very simple terms, a truck tent is a tent which instead of pitching on the ground, you can pitch it up on your truck trunk.

Q: Why do I need one?

A: Truck tents offer you a lot of advantages. However, the biggest one is the fact that you can sleep raised up off the ground which protects you from unexpected weather. For instance, if you pitch in the rain, then you are sleeping up and off the ground, rather than in a puddle.

Furthermore, a truck tent also offers some protection from wildlife. The fact that you are raised up off the ground, in addition to the solid side of your truck, makes it harder for bugs or smaller animals to attack your tent. I’m pretty sure you do not want a raccoon attack during your camping trip.

Sleeping on a truck tent is also a bit comfortable. With a truck tent, you are suspended on your truck’s suspension, giving you more comfort than the cold ground below.

Q: What’s the interior like of a truck tent?

A: Every tent comes with various design and finishes. Even tents which have been produced by the same manufacturer usually look different inside.

One of the features which will make a great difference to the appearance of the interior is the number of windows that the truck tent includes. These will be mesh, in either double or single layers. The more mesh windows in includes, the airier and light the interior is going to look.

Its floor is also going to have a big impact on the internal look. Most models include a built-in flooring which helps create a feeling of being secured in a tent and feels more comfortable.

Q: How simple is to assemble a truck tent?

A: It’s quite simple to install! Most truck tents are designed to be put up and then taken down within 10 – 30 minutes. If you have ever pitched traditional, ground tent, then you will probably find it easier to put up truck tents!

And even if it is your first time to pitch a tent, you will definitely be fine! Some truck tents offer instructions as well as color-coded poles to keep the installation fairly easy.

Q: How do I match the tent with my truck?

A: Broadly speaking, such tents are designed to easily fit most pick-up truck models. In order to ensure that the tent will fit, you need to measure the truck bed and check the dims of the tent.

Knowing the bed size of your truck is the main thing you need before ordering a truck tent. If you have any doubt, then I suggest you simply contact the manufacturer of the truck tent you are eyeing and tell them the make and model of your pickup truck and double-checking if the tent should fit right.

Q: Can I use a truck tent with a Minivan or SUV?

A: Truck tents are for pick-up trucks.

There are tents out there that are compatible with minivans and SUVs. Such tents have ceilings which go over the opening of the rear of the car so that you can keep the back hatch of the vehicle open at all time. And since your vehicle will offer you the shelter, the tent will only be smaller since its only function is to keep bugs and the outdoor weather from entering your vehicle through the rear hatch.