7 Best Truck Tents 2019

The Top 7 Best Truck Tent 2019 If you are an outdoor adventure junky, then you know how camping can be so fun. However, you also probably know that debris and bugs that come with camping can make the experience less pleasant and fun. Well, there’s a perfect tool for you.  The best truck tents […]

Top 10 best foam guns/cannons to speed up your car wash! [2019]

Are you looking to speed up your car wash and have a little fun as well while you are at it? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Gone are the days when washing a dirty car was hectic and time-consuming. Those days are far behind… Now, the car washing is easier than ever […]

Best car seat covers with heater of 2019

Are you shopping for heated car seat covers for winter and chilly mornings? This review highlights why a heated seat cover shouldn’t be a luxury. It gives you our best seat covers with heater choices and explains why you should try them. We also share with you safetly tips when using these products.  Have you […]

Best Car Safety Escape Hammer of 2019

The car safety escape hammer’s importance cannot be overrated because, in a life or death situation, this little tool could assist you to escape the grim reaper. If you are risk averse too, this is also an excellent buy for you. Peace of mind is an essential ingredient to happiness, and this car safety escape […]

10 Best Wheeled Battery Chargers / Starters of 2019

If you like convenience and portability, you can now get a heavy duty 12V battery charger to service your car, repair shop, fleet or other requirements. Wheeled battery chargers and starters get the job done efficiently and much faster as it only requires one person to move it from place to place. They are also […]

10 best car vacuum cleaners of 2019

Do you need a car vacuum cleaner but aren’t sure what to go for? This top list and buying guide highlights the features of the 10 best car vacuum cleaners in the market and educates you on the essential attributes to consider when selecting one. Some considerations include corded vs. cordless, suction power and added […]